with Richard Wheeler, Certified Advanced Rolfer, in practice since 1972


Workshop 1, Jan 17-20th, Fee $750, Register by Jan 3, class limit 8 people  

Workshop 2, Feb 14-17th, Fee $750, Register by Feb 1, class limit 8 people

LOCATION: In the Garden of Paradise, Ecuador (, at Café Cosmos (

More specifics about logistics are provided near the bottom of this page.

CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS - 24 IASI credits for each workshop


These workshops solve two major sets of constraints in S.I. work: 

1. Issues of discomfort for the client, and 

2. Issues of discomfort for the practitioner.  

To get true structural changes in the past, our work has all too often gotten the reputation of being painful.  For S.I. to spread more widely, this reputation needs to be transformed by a genuine change in how the work is delivered.  The S.I. Tool Kit introduces tools that make Rolfing a comfortable and even more effective process.

Also, S.I. practitioners tend to burn out because their own structures suffer from doing the work over many years. The S.I. Tool Kit provides unique and effective support to practitioners.

In this 4-day workshop students will learn the many unique benefits of the tools and novel work strategies that the tools enable.


- a custom-cast set of silicone rubber hand grips

- a variable length loop of 1” wide strap

- a curved-surface treatment table

Specific benefits of each tool are indicated below. Tools combine synergistically in many different and surprising ways.


Day 1: We’ll make custom cast grips and learn how to use them (demo and practice).

Day 2: We’ll make straps and learn how to use them (demo and practice), with and without the grips.

Day 3: We’ll explore how to use the curved-surface treatment table, especially learning to use the table’s curves to support both client and practitioner.

Day 4: Putting it all together: We will use the grips, strap and curved-surface treatment table, in various combinations to achieve specific outcomes.


Students will take home two sets of grips molded to their hands, one strap (and knowledge to make more), and a schemata of the table to provide a carpenter or to make themselves. (We will also have a discounted price for students in this class who want us to make them a table).



- create a much more solid and powerful contact, allowing deeper, more precise and consistent work

- corrects alignment for the practitioner’s hands, arms & shoulders

- enables new ways to use the closed fist 


- variable length, woven polymer loops that serve as fulcrums that can be used in many different positions to amplify work forces while reducing stress

- enable contact (not normally available) with large anatomical regions

- enable creative use of compression, torsion, shearing and rotation forces, opening up new terrain for S.I. work

Curved-Surface Treatment Table

- provides a firm surface, precisely curved in a way that supports the human body’s curve sets, allowing immediate relaxation of postural reflexes thus making the work more comfortable for the client

- enables practitioners to actively and strategically use the force of gravity in changing tissue, using the different curves of the table to support specific tissue-change objectives 


Three rooms are available, on a first-come basis, in our boutique B&B, Café Cosmos. Others will stay in nearby pleasant, reasonably priced hotels.

Breakfast will be provided at your place of lodging. Lunch will be provided at the workshop site (Café Cosmos) and is included in the workshop fee. Dinner is after class hours and we will provide information to local restaurants.

Local taxi & bus services are readily available and reasonable.  

Vilcabamba is a 45 minute commuter flight from Quito or Guayaquil to the LOJA AIRPORT located in Catamayo. This is followed by a 90-minute taxi ride through beautiful scenery ($45 to the Garden of Paradise).  

Once you are registered for your workshop, we can suggest airlines, help you book your hotel and arrange for a taxi from the airport. That information will be sent to you after you register for your workshop.


Workshop 1: Register by December 25th and receive an early bird "Merry Christmas" discount of $50.

Workshop 2: Register by January 6 and receive an early bird discount of $50.


Send your 50% non-refundable deposit to Richard by going to There, use Richard’s PAYPAL email address:

For any questions, email Richard at Please put WORKSHOP QUESTION in the subject line of your email. If you don't hear back within 24 hours, please resend and add to the Recipients of your email.


Richard Wheeler began studying Rolfing with Dr. Rolf in 1972. An Advanced Certified Rolfer and Movement Education teacher, he has been in practice for 44 years. Several self-illustrated articles on biomechanics and organic form and other related works by Richard are found at and at the Ida P. Rolf Library at

Richard also has 18 years’ experience doing research and serving as staff senior excavator at the George C. Page “La Brea Tar Pits” Museum in Los Angeles, CA. He has published original research on saber-toothed cat cranial anatomy. This work continues to inform his structural integration practice and teaching.

Class assistant bio

Norie Huddle has been a “Rolfee” since 1978, and a workshop presenter for four decades, videographer and published author on four continents, with four bestsellers (one a NYTimes best seller). A fifth book, Butterfly, has become a global meme about humanity’s transformation.

An Advanced Practitioner of the Voice Dialogue Process, Norie will help with videotaping, making tools and general facilitation.