Wearable Art

This is the 
Vertebrate Grand Morph
Critters with bones, From the fossil record,
Over Deep Geological Time, LOOK!  There has been
Structural, cumulative transformation from
Early fish, through amphibians to
Reptiles, mammals & primates to man.  

Now I just have to ask,
What Missing Links?

What is all this recent public noise about
Evolution vs ‘Intelligent Design’?
The very existence of this idea as 
a ‘public issue’ is clear evidence of 
a very sad failure on the part of our 
nation’s educational institutions 
and our social-political leadership.   

More than half the population 
of the United States, 
including our President, 
can’t seem to tell the difference
between Science & Religion,
or the reasons for the 
constitutional separation
of church & state.

Hey Mr. President:
If you don’t “believe” in Evolution,
despite overwhelming world-class evidence & clear scientific thinking,
your willful arrogance and destructive attitudes are part of the problem, not the solution...

*  *  *  *  *

I built this image based on original images in 
William King Gregory’s ‘Evolution Emerging’. 
I’ve re-sized Gregory’s beautiful, innovative 
scientific illustrations to make the snout-to-pelvis
lengths all about the same.    
This simple allometric scaling technique 
keeps the original creature’s proportions &
helps to emphasize structural similarities.  

Read The Bones

 is available as a bumpersticker and printed on T-shirts & other apparel, at Zazzle.com  
If you like it as a T-shirt, I recommend printing it on 
bright yellow fabric
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