Here is a non-war based solution to the overpopulation crisis:

1.  Engineer a snippet of DNA that gives people direct awareness of & control over their fertility status.  Think 'On' to procreate.   Think 'Off' & go enjoy the full-on activation of your reproductive reflexes! 

2.  Engineer a snippet of DNA that causes one's bellybutton -or other body parts- to biolumenesce (glow brightly like a firefly!) when fertile eggs or sperm are present. 

3.  Integrate these two snippets into the genome of the common cold virus. 

4.  Unilaterally release the modified virus in 500 places worldwide.

5.  When all the sneezing stops, lean back & enjoy the ensuing ethics debate.  Ethical or not, the issue is one of biological survival for many more species than humanity currently seems to appreciate.  We are dependent on the existence of other species’ biodiversity for our survival...

and our future.

                                  Pass It Around!

Richard F.Wheeler