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Terrence MacKenna:  The Archaic Revival

Edward O. Wilson: Consilience; Naturalist

Tim Flannery:  On Global Warming

Lynn Margulis:  Acquiring Genomes; Microcosmos

Alexander Shulgin:  PIHKAL, TIHKAL

Robert Anton Wilson:  Sex and Drugs

Ida P. Rolf:  Structural

Sensory Isolation Tanks:  The Samadhi Tank Company

                                       Flotation Article

Albert Hofmann:  Swiss Chemist & LSD Discoverer

Albert Hofmann’s 100th. Birthday Party

John C. Lilly: Center of the Cyclone; Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer

Alan C. Moore:  Butterfly Gardener’s Association

Alan C. Moore:  Musician & Fine Artists for World Peace