Everything seen or heard on 
Richard F. Wheeler's website 
should be taken as direct or 
indirect encouragement for 
Immediate Self, Social & World Transformation 

The World Drug War policy and all associated laws need to be dismantled, radically 
re-conceived & rewritten to legalize, humanize & guarantee rights for citizens whose adult rights, interests, personal beliefs & physiological imperatives rightly interest them in experiencing psychedelics & entheogens.  Psychedelic use and the shamanic tradition is consistent with humanity’s deep tribal and social history.  The notorious schedule ‘A’ list needs to be carefully & minutely parsed, objectively re-researched & entirely re-written. 
We need to create Nobel Prize category for advances in Psychedelic Chemistry.  

Anything else on my agenda?  

Oh... not much, just a little social engineering & legal transformation:  

Impeach, Indite & Incarcerate members of political administrations that support wars, torture and abrogate our human rights and constitution!!!
Dismantle the patriot act and all related legislation.  
Fully restore the US Constitution and Balance of Powers.

Create nationalized healthcare:  Take the profit motive out of the entire healthcare industry, its insurance, pharmaceuticals, tools, education, research & delivery.  

Free education at all levels, in all fields.  Remunerate competence handsomely!

Reduce & regulate human population in a humane and reasonable way that supports both human and non-human biodiversity.    

Create a marriage status with adoption rights & full responsibilities for same-sex couples.

Legalize & regulate prostitution.  Its a public health, not a moral issue!

Legalize risk-educated drug use for sports:  Set up different categories of winners, depending on their chemical status. 

Outlaw public, for-profit displays of live, staged or recorded violence, such as boxing & football. 

Demobilize, disassemble & recycle the Military Industrial Complex WORLDWIDE.  

Redeploy & configure human resources & materials to build & protect environments, ecosystems & increase biodiversity.  

Implement Gun Control & Elimination policies.  
Guns that don’t exist can’t be used to kill people.  Melt ALL of them down and recycle the metals resources they represent for positive purposes.  

Eliminate and outlaw the military industrial complex.

Stabilize & reverse global warming.

Outlaw casinos & gambling.  

Tax churches & organized religions.  

Reaffirm the constitutional separation of Church & State.

Develop nanotechnology, biotechnology, space exploration & all scientific endeavors.  

Replace competition with mutually respectful & enthusiastic cooperation.

Declare a state of Benevolent Interdependence and eliminate national boundaries. 

Create Peace, Freedom & Happiness, here on our planet & in outer space as well.  

How can we afford not to do these things?
After all, what else is there to Do?
Richard F.Wheeler
In agreement with Ghandi:  Western (and Global) Civilization would be a good idea.