Apple Computer & Richard Wheeler invite you to discover

Discover Richard's amazing calligraphic designs,

visionary paintings & conceptual art depicting

biologically possible inventions for artificial life forms.

Richard created the sound track for this unique event playing tenor & alto Italian Arch-Lutes with Harmonica, Baritone Guitar & 12-string alto Guitar.  

Wheeler uses Apple Computers & software to independently create & publish his images, books, music & website. 

This free event is part of Apple Computer's series

Made on a Mac

Wednesday, January 24th. 2007

6pm. in South San Francisco's

Stonestown Apple Store

For directions & location information visit the online Apple store:

Richard Wheeler is a lute-plucking paleontologist & visionary artist whose multi-media show reaches beyond anatomical excavation to reveal new possibilities for morphing biological evolution.  Has Wheeler been breathing too much swamp gas?  Come see!  Take an astounding look inside the La Brea Tar Pits through the lens of a paleontologist's fabulously beautiful photographs & creative imagination.  Richard's work received a one-man show in the Director's Gallery of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History & was the first-ever art show at the world famous Page Museum. 


Copyright Dec., 2006

Richard F. Wheeler