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All art, music & words on this website are by Richard F. Wheeler, copyright Sept. 2006. 

Richard looks forward to hearing from people with positive commercial & esthetic interests in his work. 

Film companies, designers, publishers, artisans & others are welcome to make inquiries.

Copyright Questions

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Personal Uses:  If you are an individual and want to use anything on this website for some minor personal use -- something that does not involve publication -- then go ahead.  This includes book reports, presentations, class projects, etc.   Please include an appropriate reference & link to the origin of the work.

Web Uses:  If you want to publish something from this website on your non-commercial website, please ask permission and please include a link.

Commercial Uses:  Please send me an e-mail and let me know what you have in mind.   Prices will depend on what you are doing and how many images or sound tracks you want.